How to place an order on Cigarettes-store.biz?

Cigarettes-store.biz offers a list of cigarette brands in the left side of the web site. You have only to choose one of the listed brands and then click on it. You will jump to the page where you will detect the information about the selected product, such as the description, price, amount of cigarettes per package, tar and nicotine volume and other information which will help you to choose the correct brand. Then click on the number you wish to buy. It will appear in your shopping cart. If you want to buy something else, just click on “Continue Shopping” button and repeat the same procedure of ordering. When you chose the needed items, please click on “Confirm Order” button. You should make your personal account. If you are a registered member, please introduce your email and password.

The next step is Shipping Details. Please, be careful when filling in the blank spaces (do not use such characters as hyphens, dashes, etc.) And the next and the last move is reviewing and securing the check out of your order.

How can I pay?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or wite transfers.

Do I have to pay a fee to join Cigarettes-store.biz?

NO, you do not, the access to our site is free and you need not pay a fee to enter it or to make your purchases. You will pay only for the cigarettes ordered from us and for shipping.

Do you sell other brands of cigarettes in addition to those advertised at your site?

NO. All brands we sell are shown on our online store.

Will you be offering other smoking brands in the future?

Yes. The amount and the type of available brands may change in time.

Is there a minimum order?

Only for first time customers, not more than 6 cartons. But for our loyal clients the quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at Cigarettes-store.biz is left to the discretion of customers.

Do you offer any discounts for reorders?

Yes! You can get the VIP status, which provides a 5% discount for your cigarettes if you have placed 3 orders on our site and bought not less than 12 cartons overall. Please note that before you are able to make the purchase using VIP option, you will receive an e-mail from our support team, confirming you are included in the program and you will be able to choose the way of payment.

How many days take my parcel to arrive at home?

Normally, all the cartons arrive within 14-24 days since the shipping date. Sometimes orders can delay because of post and customs. Sometimes these departments do not manage to process the entire parcel in the same day and this cause delay between parcels arriving up to a week.

Is it safe to send you my credit card details?

YES. The site is certified and implements the SSL system released.

Do you guarantee delivery?

Shipments are guaranteed for delivery. In case the shipment will not arrive for ANY reason we will either replace the order or refund the amount of the order – no matter which you prefer. The shipping rate is $14.88 a carton.

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