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Ahram cigarettes

Ahram Hookah Tobacco is a new brand recently added to our stock especially for those customers who enjoy smoking shisha tobacco. The manufacturer of this novelty is Goldline Tobacco, an international company which was formed by a merger of two leading enterprises from Italy and Moldova. Goldline Tobacco uses only up-to-date equipment to process tobacco and ensure the quality of all hookah components. All ingredients are subjected to through control in a special laboratory. At present the company produces about 2000 kg of hookah per hour.

Ahram Hookah Tobacco is made by a unique cold technology adding premium quality French Virginia tobacco blended with various flavored additives and sugar containing components. This qualitative hookah tobacco has already gained popularity among many smoke lovers, as it satisfies the most sophisticated demands. Abraham has long-lasting burning, pleasant smoke, a saturated taste and a moderate fortress.

Ahram Hookah Tobacco – Feel a Genuine Sense of Enjoyment with Your Favorite Flavor!

Cigarette-store.biz offers Ahram Hookah Tobacco in nine amazing flavorings:

  • Ahram Black Currant Hookah Tobacco – the most popular style and the main choice of real intellectuals. This flavor has already won its recognition.
  • Ahram Captain Black Hookah Tobacco – is the strongest variant from the presented range mostly suitable for male smokers. This style combines in itself two flavors- coffee and a bitter chocolate.
  • Ahram Cherry Hookah Tobacco – is preferred by many smokers due to a sweet cherry flavor and a saturated smoke.
  • Ahram Energy Drink Hookah Tobacco – an amazingly fresh taste, which will help you relax and get rid of the daily routine.
  • Ahram Honey Melon Hookah Tobacco – a mixture of delicate honey and subtle melon flavorings allow an amazing smoking process.

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