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Cigaronne cigarettes

Elegancy, slenderness, subtlety always attracts people’s attention and casts a spell. You won’t believe, still even smoking products can possess similar features. But not every cigarette type can impress or charm you by its design and structure. Cigaronne brand doesn’t apply to those ones, which were stipulated earlier.

Cigaronne cigs are unique in their essence. Their manufacturer SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd created the real smoking masterpiece that doesn’t have any prototypes in tobacco world. Just its size wonders, which constitutes 120 mm long, 64 mm of which is filter holder and 56 mm comprises smoking part. Have you ever noticed something like this? Indisputably, you are not because they are exclusive.

Cigaronne fags differ from other smoking brands not only by their matchless size but by their marvelous first-grade tobacco, superior aromatic ingredients that delicately accentuate the irresistible bouquet of tobacco flavor and unforgivable aroma of this cig. When you taste it first time, you will recognize it among many other slim sized smoking items.

The family of Cigaronne discount cigarettes consists of many representatives, each of them has its own distinctive feature, and still they all are similar in their elevated class perfection. You may choose among the following: Cigaronne Classic Slims Gold is characterized by the golden pack, Cigaronne Classic Slims Silver is represented in silvery color pack and Cigaronne Exclusive Slims cigarettes are distinguished by their black and white packets.

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“Cigaronne Cigarettes –Sensation in Tobacco Sphere”

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