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Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos…What a strange name for smoking cigarettes? Still every title has its signification that endows any brand with some kind of magic strength and becomes its symbolism. The word “cosmos” signifies “universe, something unlimited”. So the first association that comes to your mind taking Cosmos smoking product is that it is a mysterious, magic, unexplored and fathomless area that conceals many uncommon things. You expect from this cig something extraordinary and not comparable with any other smoking item.

Cosmos fags are phenomenal brand of famous joint-stock eastern tobacco enterprise, TUTUN CTC, which is the best and the leading smoking tobacco manufacturer from Eastern Europe, whose cigarettes are sold in large amounts and have a great success on tobacco market. This due to its premium tobacco, which is produced in accordance with all conditions with the usage of the newest technologies that allow improving and increasing of tobacco manufacturing process.

Speaking about cheap Cosmos cigarettes, they represent a cocktail of the finest Oriental, English and American sorts of tobacco that is why their taste is rich and imbued, and their aroma is beyond description. This filtered cig is fairly strong because of nicotine and tar volume that comprise 16.0 mg and 1.2 mg. The global smokers will appreciate this smoking cigarette by all means.

If you wish to see the beauty of the universe, learn every nook of it, just taste Cosmos discount tobacco brand and you will certainly have the feeling of heavenly pleasure. This delight can provide our online tobacco shop offering you this trademark at minimum price, just 8.49$ per carton.

“Cosmos Cigarettes – Explore Your World”

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