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  • Focus Red
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Focus cigarettes

Focus – a newcomer of I.M. «INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO» enterprise that was established at 7th of November 2005 in Eastern Europe. This leading company in the tobacco market works in cooperation with a popular German manufacturer.

Focus cigarettes are produced from carefully selected tobacco imported from Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Slovenia. Only German and British high quality equipment is used in Focus cigarettes manufacturing. While preparing Focus cigarettes brand producers realize constant quality control in order to increase flavouring qualities of these cigarettes and save the pure tobacco taste. The fundamental aim of Focus fags manufacturer is to assure unicity of their products and do not save money on their quality.

Tobacco leaves that are contained in Focus cigarettes grew in rich soils with a strict observance of all ideal climatic conditions. All tobacco processing technologies were realized in accordance with all European Standards. So, that you could understand how should be the real cigarettes taste. Such, as the taste of Focus cigarettes that is so pleasant with a pure and soft smoke. This taste really lures you to enjoy it! And this makes Focus cigarettes so popular among smokers who want to feel inexpressible sensations.

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Focus cigarettes brand comprise: Tar - 12.0 mg and Nicotine - 0.9 mg.

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