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Nistru cigarettes

A sailing-ship floating on impetuous river and splendid nature lying along shore fronts are the representative attributes of Nistru cigarette.

The man who has ever been to Moldova perfectly knows what the word “nistru” denominates and why this smoking product was named namely this way. For whose, who hasn’t had an occasion to visit this place, we will give an explanation.

The word “Nistru” derives from the Moldavian one that signifies “Dniester”- the name of a river in Eastern Europe, which designates “Swift River”. The beauty of this place is inexpressible. Therefore, it is small wonder why the producer of Nistru cigarettes reflected it on its pack.

Having mentioned about the producer of this smoking item, it is worth to represent it officially. The booming tobacco holding of Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC is the originator not only of Nistru cigs, but of already familiar smoking brands as Doina, Marengo, Astra. This enterprise is noted by its selective upscale tobacco, advanced technologies which contribute to invention of the premium smoking articles, possessing the best smoking qualities.

Nistru discount cigarettes are non-filtered ones. That means that they contain just original tobacco and there are no flavoring additives or other additional substances that change the taste of this cig. Being composed exclusively from pure tobacco, Nistru cheap smoking item is notable for its strong flavor, acerbic taste and exhilarating aroma. On this basis it is clear that these cigs are designed for true men smokers who are the experts in smoking.

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“Nistru Cigarettes – Your Mysterious River”

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