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Plai cigarettes

People who live in Eastern Europe are aware of the meaning of the word “plai” that is why it is no wonder that the new smoking brand, which is called Plai comes from that direction. The word “plai” denotes “homeland”. This word arises many associations that warm your soul and make you feel pleasant tremble.

Have you ever thought of that there could be created cigarettes, which would reflect your attitude towards native places, that would with every inhaling fill you up with pride and the most gentle feelings? Now there appeared such smoking masterpiece. The inventor of it is a leading tobacco company in Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC that is known for its genuine fragrance of premium tobacco, from which appear peerless smoking products that conquer not only home market but also foreign tobacco one. So this matchless brand is Plai.

Plai cigarettes is a mixture of best sorts of tobacco that adds to it selective, fastidious and impressive flavor and exquisite aroma. Being quite strong smoking cig, whose nicotine volume comprises 1.2mg and tar volume 15.0mg, Plai fags are mainly used by men, especially by chain-smokers who do not imagine their life without such discount cigarette. Having tasted this brand for the first time, you won’t be able to change it for anything else. If once you have selected one smoking brand that you really liked and remained devoted to it, then hold it.

Cheap Plai cigarettes have fairly plain design. But the most well-known fact is that men do not draw their attention to appearance in comparison with women, they judge for contents. That is why the producers didn’t attach any special importance to Plai smoking item design.

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“Plai Cigarettes – What Can Be More Native?”

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