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  • Robinson Filter Cigarettes
  • Robinson Filter
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
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    • $12.76 $10.21

Robinson cigarettes is glad to present in its stock a new cigarette brand - Robinson Filter, currently launched by the largest tobacco manufacture TUTUN CTC. Being the leading cigarette company in Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC produces cigarettes of the premium quality corresponding to all European Standards. More than 25 cigarette brands differing in taste, flavor and even the type of filter are offered to smoke lovers in order to meet their diverse preferences. The most famous of that wide range are: Doina, Temp, Beratt and Robinson Filter which received Golden medals at world tobacco exhibitions.

Robinson Filter Cigarettes

Robinson Filter possesses a unique blend of Eastern tobaccos and qualitative aromatic additives that assure a tangy and rich cigarette taste. Only modern equipment is used to make these full-flavored and refined cigarettes. Smoking Robinson Filter is a real pleasure due to an incorporation of a filter, which will help you feel a delicate and fresh smoke. An attractive price and best quality is what makes discount Robinson cigarette brand so popular among many smokers worldwide.

Robinson cigarettes have a very catchy package, probably due to the red color that attracts the smoker’s attention. The red color symbolizes energy, passion and power that is why so many male smokers give preference to this smoking brand in order to accentuate their masculinity. In the centre of the pack above the brand name printed in golden letters you may see an image of two lions, which add some traits of royalty to these cigarettes. So, if you want to try this cigarette novelty, do not waste your time and order Robinson Filter at our online cigarette store at the best price.

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