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  • Zimbru
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
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Zimbru cigarettes

From the first sight it is quite complicated to get the meaning of Zimbru name. There is nothing strange as this foreign name is familiar just for Romanian people. However, just taking Zimbru pack, it is easy to guess that this is an ox, as his image is depicted on it, straight in the center under the logo.

“Zimbru Cigarettes – Your Incredible Power”

Romanian people associate this animal with power, force, uncontrollability, savagery. That is why Zimbru cigarettes are notable for their strong powerful flavor, invigorating aroma and special tobacco. You will ask why these cigs’ tobacco is so special. The answer is simple. Zimbru cigs are an incomparable blend of more than 20 sorts of chosen top-grade tobacco. Precisely this tobacco blend attaches to this smoking product oneness, matchlessness and taste perfection.

Due to such prime smoking qualities, Zimbru got to first base with male smokers, who by means of these cheap cigarettes have possibility to express their male nature, temper. That is the reason why the basic audience of Zimbru smoking article is the stronger sex, who prefers to get vicarious thrill and vivid impression. The producer of this smoking brand, TUTUN CTC, applied all its forces in order to obtain such inimitable cigarette.

Placed in a soft reddish- white pack, Zimbru trademark is easy to come across in our discount cigarette store at low cost. Stress your inner force; purchase this cheap smoking item right now.

Zimbru: tar volume: 15.0 mg; nicotine volume: 1.2 mg; size: 80 mm

“Zimbru – Discover in Yourself the True Ox Power”

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